Board of Governors


Brad Wastler photo
  1. Brad Wastler
  2. President

Bill Vann photo
Bill Vann

First Vice President

Illustration Section Chair

Jim Trotter photo
Jim Trotter

Second Vice President

Photography Section Chair

Marilynne Bradley photo
Marilynne Bradley


Karen Glines photo
Karen Glines


Jack Barlow photo
Jack Barlow

Artisans Section Chair

Max Burton photo
Max Burton
William Curtis photo
William Curtis
Marianne Erickson photo
Marianne Erickson
Mark Erker photo
Mark Erker
Helen Hume photo
Helen Hume
Don Occhi photo
Don Occhi


William Schawacker photo
William Schawacker
Shirley Schermer photo
Shirley Schermer
Joanne Stremsterfer photo
Joanne Stremsterfer

Joyce Trotter photo

Joyce Trotter

Dan Woodward photo
Dan Woodward
Bill Wilson photo
Bill Wilson
Irv Davis photo
Irv Davis
Mary Schomaker photo
Mary Schomaker

Davide Weaver
Davide Weaver





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