Tribute Terrace StonesLasting Contributions

Tribute Terrace

The Tribute Terrace at Oak Knoll is an exciting, tangible, permanent record of St. Louis artists and all those who support the arts. It is a tribute to our rich heritage, our current art and education programs, and our steps toward the future as we embrace all the arts.

The Tribute Terrace, laid in an attractive Venetian parquet design, will be a handsome space for outdoor receptions and provide an elegant entrance to the St. Louis Artists’ Guild at Oak Knoll.

A contribution for a Tribute Stone engraved with your name is a permanent reminder of your personal commitment to the Guild, to the arts, and to your vision of a dynamic, artistically rich St. Louis community now and in the future.

Other suggestions for Tribute Terrace Stones

  • A gift honoring a friend or loved one
  • A personalized birthday or holiday gift
  • A special gift for a child or grandchild
  • A memorial gift to remember a loved one
  • A company or business name as a supporter of the arts

Your donation of $100 for each stone will reserve an engraved stone to be permanently placed in the Artists’ Guild Tribute Terrace at Oak Knoll Park. There is no limit to the number of stones you can order.

For order forms and more information about the Tribute Terrace please call 314-727-6266 or email

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Annual Fund Gift

Members and supporters of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild are asked to support the St. Louis Artists’ Guild Annual Fund. These gifts extend far beyond annual membership dues to provide important funding for Guild operations and growth (examples: building upkeep or costs related to art classes, art groups, and educational outreach.) You can receive a tax deduction for a cash donation. Checks and automatic drafts from a checking account are recognized as cash gifts to the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. Please contact Mary Schomaker, Director of Finance, at 314-727-6266 or for further information.


In-Kind Gifts

Individuals and businesses provide valuable support to the St. louis Artists’ Guild through non cash contributions such as services rendered, or products donated or tangible items such as gallery, office, computer equipment, art supplies, and art books. Please contact Mary Schomaker, Director of Finance, at 314-727-6266 or for further information.


Building Fund

This fund, established many years ago, is to be used for future building or expansion of the Guild Galleries. Interest is made available each year for upkeep and repair; if not needed, interest money goes back into the principal for reinvestment. Please contact Mary Schomaker, Director of Finance, at 314-727-6266 or for further information.


Endowment Prize Fund

The Guild has been the grateful recipient of large sums designated for the Endowment Prize Fund. A gift of $1,000 is required to open a prize endowment. Income is derived from interest. Interest up to five percent may be used for annual prizes and the remainder is used to cover exhibition costs. In acceptance of Endowment Prize Fund donations, the guild pledges itself to perpetuation of the annual prizes. Gifts less than $1,000 are accepted for annual prizes. Please contact Mary Schomaker, Director of Finance, at 314-727-6266 or for further information.


Permanent Endowment Foundation

When you plan your charitable giving this year, don’t overlook the Guild’s Permanent Endowment foundation. This foundation was established to provide annual income for Guild operating costs which include utilities, personnel, building upkeep, insurance, costs related to art classes and art groups, and printing and postage. The principle cannot be spent, only the income. The Foundation can receive gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, bank accounts, mutual funds, annuities, bequests, insurance trust distributions, real estate, personal property, art objects, and other items of value. Planned gifts provide an ongoing connection, inspiring tomorrow’s members with the assurance that the St. Louis Artists’ guild will survive and continue to grow in financial strength.

The Guild welcomes gifts which can add to the growth and strength of the Permanent Endowment foundation and the financial strength and longevity of the Guild. If you want more information, please call 314-727-6266 or write the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Two Oak Knoll Park, St. Louis MO 63105.

If you wish, you can make your gift in memory of or as a tribute to a friend or relative. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Mary Schomaker, Director of Finance, at 314-727-6266 or