Paintings by Amy Bautz and Reid Norris

Oil painting by Amy Bautz
Oil painting by Reid Norris

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An exhibition of work by local painters Amy Bautz and Reid Norris. Bautz draws her subject matter from organic forms and the natural world, Norris focuses on pure abstraction. Despite their differences, Bautz and Norris’s work are brought together by a shared interest in color and the materiality of paint.  

Amy Bautz: The voluptuous paintings of Amy Bautz invite the viewer to a world of mostly recognizable animals, people, and plants. She works in confident, swooping line that veers briefly into the abstract in telling and unexpected locations throughout her work. The creatures that inhabit her world seem both ecstatic and despondent. Whether broccoli, horses, or rabbits, every subject seems painfully alive. The attention to detail combined with buttery paint and garish color, transfix and seduce. A strange yet familiar form occurs repeatedly in Ms. Bautz’ art. Sometimes these forms appear like tears, or drops, sometimes like ectoplasm, emanating from strange orifices. Sometimes the unnamed forms are the subject themselves. Are they singing, spitting or crying? There is too much energy and joy in the works to know for sure, but probably all of the above.

Amy Bautz teaches computer art at Saint Louis University and is an artist working in traditional and new media. Trained initially as a photojournalist at the University of Texas at Austin, she received her Masters of Fine Art at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in Studio Art with a focus in painting, photography and computer art. Since early 2009 she has been working regularly as a computer artist on an animation team. Amy Bautz regularly exhibits her work nationally and internationally, including solo exhibits in Berlin, Germany and Athens, Georgia.

Reid Norris:  Reid Norris is an artist and writer from Indiana. He has shown frequently in the Midwest since moving here to attend the MFA program at Washington University. His fiction and essays have appeared recently in Un<>Cut and Piecrust magazines. He is also co-founder of Decca, a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.


Friday, January 18, 2013 - 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Exhibition Dates: 
Friday, January 18, 2013 - Sunday, March 17, 2013
Free and Open to the Public