Board of Governors

St. Louis Artists' Guild Executive Board

Jerry Cox
Lily Sugathan
Janice Denham

Presidents Emeritus

Bill Vann
Brad Wastler
Irv Davis
Joanne Stremsterfer
Past President
Randy Allen
Past President
David Zamudio
Past President
Karen Glines
Past President

Board Members

Robert Karleskint
Board Member
Lynne M. Jackson
Founder and Director, Dred Scott Heritage Foundation
James W. Sherby
Jay G. Virtue

Advisory Board

William Bixby Sheldon
Chair, Honorary Board
Great Grandson of William K. Bixby (one of the founders of the Artists' Guild)
Jonathan Kodner
President and Director of Kodner Gallery
Mark Erker
Jacqueline Millstone
Executive Director of David S. Millstone Arts Foundation, Inc.
Billyo O'Donnell
Missouri Artist
Charles Reay
Artist; Former Senior Vice President of Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum — HOK
William Schawacker
Joanne Stremsterfer
Artist, Former President, "Collectors Choice" Chairperson
William Wilson
Ambassador George H. Walker III
Former Ambassador to Hungary

Section Chairs

Janice Denham
Communication Arts Section Chair
Randy Allen
Photography Section
Jerry Cox
Artisans Section Chair
Bob Shay
Illustration Section