Afternoon Portrait Drawing - Winter 2018


Afternoon Portrait Drawing
with Dan Wine
8  weeks
Wednesdays 1:00pm-3:30pm

February 7 - March 28
Members: $145
Non Members: $175
Price includes model fee

This class will make an examination of the portrait. We will initially discuss staging, lighting the model, and composing to our paper. We will continue further to discuss facial proportion as we establish an organizational line drawing of our model. Next, we will define the planer structure of facial anatomy in order to see the face as a series of successively shrinking planes that reflect varied degrees of light back to the viewer. This is the ‘architecture’ of our likeness. At this point, we will take note of what can be called a ‘light system’ and a ‘shadow system’, and determine which of the planes formerly established lies within each system. Finally, we will discuss the application of relative values to the drawing, and resolve the image into a solid likeness.
Note: For anyone who has previously taken my chalk pastel class, I am removing issues of color application, so that we may focus on drawing fundamentals. However, if you desire to work in color, I am not discouraging you! Please bring your pastels.

If you must cancel, please email or call STLAG. A refund will be given
only if cancellation occurs seven days prior to the first day of class. No exceptions.


Dan Wine
Members: $155 Non Members: $185
St. Louis Artists' Guild