Summer Regional Exhibition

Summer Regional Exhibition

The St. Louis Artists' Guild's Summer Regional Exhibition is an all-media, all-styles, all-content juried exhibition of work created by artists residing in Missouri and Illinois. This exhibition features 157 pieces of artwork by 128 artists.

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Juror's Statement

With unquestionable appreciation, I would like to begin by thanking the St. Louis Artists’ Guild for inviting me to jury the SUMMER REGIONAL EXHIBITION.

The works selected for this exhibition are the best of the best. They are works that demanded an audience attention. The St. Louis Artists’ Guild is an institution of excellent regional and national standing, and to be an artist selected for the Summer Regional Exhibition is an honor in itself.

Though I’ve been jurying exhibitions for a good number of years, I still find it to be a pleasure and pain experience. When jurying a collection of creative works, I am seeing through the eyes of an artist and educator.
As an artist, I am concerned with creative investigation, use of the medium, and feeling the WOW! As an educator, I am concerned with the appreciation of traditional art-making, use of art history (historical and contemporary) and historical reference, and how well is the visual communication of its content.

My professional practice is mixed-media painting, drawing, and assemblage. My interest as an artist is in the experimenting with technique and concepts. For example, charcoal has a rich history as a dry medium. I have been experimenting with it as a dry/wet medium for several years. Another example is how I’ve visually fused the aesthetics of the banjo and African musical string instruments as a new abstract form.

When jurying a body of works for awards, I viewed each artist’s work three times before deciding its acceptance or not. The first viewing is pure aesthetic response. The second viewing is an assessment of the visual execution. The third viewing is how well the content is expressed with the medium/media. The fourth viewing determines which works will be receiving an award. I encourage each of these artists to continue in their artistic endeavor, because we must keep our voices alive. Congratulations to you all!

Exhibition Juror: Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir was born October 25th, 1958, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an internationally acknowledged artist who has exhibited throughout the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe. He currently works as an Associate Professor of Studio Arts and Art History in the School of Art and Design and Africana Studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He has received distinguish and prestigious acknowledgments, and among them are: first Artist-n-Residency/exhibition for the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit, invitational Artist-n-Residency/exhibition by the Tuanku Fauziah Museum and Gallery in Malaysia, commissioned to create a piece for the Visions of Our 44th President travelling exhibition hosted by Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, Rickert Ziebold Trust Awardee, Judge William Holmes Cook Professorship Endowment, and was invited by the MacAuthur Foundation in Chicago as a member of an Illinois artists’ consulting team.

Najjar’s works illustrate culture, faith, and history through abstract language. He uses different materials as a metaphor for the human experience; and thus, he abstracts material to discuss our abstract existence. His paintings are harmonious visions of contrasting colors, flowing liquefaction, and symbolic transparency. Najjar is known for using burlap sacks/material in his paintings. He considers it a profound and puissant symbol, the idea of burlap exploiting the surface, which speaks to the power of harvesting the spiritual experiences of the human-will—past, present, and beyond the 21st century.

J H L & J Memorial Prize — $500
Gonz Jove, "African Experience (Panel #4)"

Gonz Jove
African Experie
nce (Panel #4)
graphite on onion paper

Mayme Heard Hostetter Prize — $250

Denny Lumos, "Rhythm of Clay"

Denny Lumos
Rhythm of Clay
stoneware pottery with rope and goatskin

Fred Wehrle Memorial Prize — $150

Sheri Goldsmith, "Carriage Ride Into The Past"

Sheri Goldsmith
Carriage Ride Into The Past
oil paint, oil pastels, encaustic wax medium, photographs on archival paper, amber shellac, copper

Ila Bruns Memorial Prize — $50

Carylnn Forst, Forest for the Trees

Carlynn Forst
Forest for the Trees
paper, paper pulp, wire, adhesive, and polyurethane

Mary Ewen Memorial Prize — $50

Eldon Benz

Eldon Benz
Swirly Thing, 2013
PP, PVC, steel, and wood

Featured Artists:

Michael Albers* | Wildwood, MO
Randall Allen*| Chesterfield, MO 
Jerold Anna* | Belleville, IL
Laura Bailey* | St. Louis, MO
Dawn Balk* | St. Charles, MO
Dorothy Bennett | Charleston, IL
Eldon Benz*Carbondale, IL 

John Blair* | St. Louis, MO
Susan Bolhafner* St. Louis, MO 
Catie Bowler | Waterloo, IL
Debra Brading | St. Louis, MO 
Tom Casey | Trenton, IL 
Sarah M Catchart | Warrenton, MO 
Liz Coffey | Cape Girardeau, MO 
Sally Coffin* | Clayton, MO 
David Coleman | St. Charles, MO 
Elizabeth Concannon* | St. Louis, MO
Maria Cooper* | Collinsville, IL 
Kacey Cowdery | Webster Groves, MO
Jerry Cox* Hillsboro, MO 
Kathy Czopek* | Bridgeton, MO 
Michael Daft*  | St. Louis, MO 
Hai-Dang Do* | St. Louis, MO
Jonathan Dockery | St. Louis, MO
John Dyess* | Eureka, MO 
Jack Eads* | Rocheport, MO 
Suzy Farren* | St. Louis, MO
LeRoy Fink* | St. Louis, MO
Steven Finnegan* | St. Louis, MO

Amy Firestone Rosen | St. Louis MO
Amalia Fister Lottes* | St. Louis, MO 
Kurt Fletcher | St. Louis, MO 
Morris Fletcher* | Kirkwood, MO 
Janet Fons* | St. Peters, MO 
Carlynn Forst | St. Louis, MO 
Carol Foster* Tampa, FL
Michael Frank* | St. Louis, MO 
Nicole Fry* | Caseyville, IL 
Raleigh Gardiner* | Sr. Louis, MO 
Tito Gay* St. Louis, MO 
Jessica Geahlen | St. Louis, MO 
Carrie Gillen | St. Louis, MO 
Sarah Gillespie | Edwardsville, IL 
Karen Glines* | Des Peres, MO
Sheri Goldsmith* | St. Louis, MO 
Kathy Gomric* | Millstadt, IL
Beth Goyer* | Des Peres, MO 
Steve Hartman* | Edwardsville, IL 
Danae Hoppe | Manchester, MO 
Carol and Donald Horstman | Fenton, MO 
Helen Hume* |  Manchester, MO
Candice Inc | St. Charles, IL 
Philly Johnmeyer * | St. Louis, MO 
Sea A Joung | St. Louis, MO
Gonz Jove | St. Louis, MO
Jan Kappes | Arcola, IL
Sylvia Keller | Manchester, MO
Lani Kohoutek-Miller*  | Florissant, MO 
Robert Kokenyesi* | Kirkwood, MO  Kim Kordonowy* | Chesterfield, MO 
Grace Ku | St. Louis, MO
Dimitrina Kutriansky* Collinsville, MO 
Sarah-Marie Land | St. Louis, MO 
KT Lawless | St. Peters, MO
Andrew Leicht | St. Louis, MO
David Linneweh | Wheaton, IL 
Adam Long* | St. Charles, MO 
Cathryne Loos* | Kirkwood, MO 
Jean Lopez* St. Louis, MO 
Julia Lopez* St. Louis, MO 
Mel Lowe-Dobbins | St. Louis, MO
Denny Lumos | Rolla, MO
Benjamin Madeska | Chicago, IL 
Joy Martin* | St Louis, MO
Jordan Massey* | Kirkwood, MO
Ashley May* | Webster Groves, MO
Jo Rezny McCredie* | Arnold, MO
Ron McIlvain* | St. Louis, MO
Garry McMichael* | St. Louis, MO 
Angela Mircsov* Florissant, MO 
Metra Mitchell | St. Louis, MO 
William Neukomm* | Brentwood, MO 
Zoe Nicholson | Park Hills, MO 
Sophia Jung-Am Park | Carbondale, IL 
Dan Parker | Foley, MO
Adrienne Patel* | St. Louis, MO 
Samuel Preston* | Wood River, IL 
Shelby Pruett | St. Louis, MO
Jane Reed* | St. Louis, MO
Orval Reeves | Rolla, MO 
Zhe Ren | Carbondale, IL 
Marilyn Robinson* | St. Louis, MO 
Naomi Runtz* | St. Louis, MO
Tom Russell | Edwardsville, IL
Sherry Salant* | Lake St. Louis, MO 
Marceline Saphian* | Chesterfield, MO
Dani Schafer | Chicago, IL 
Sue Schmidt | Saint Peters, MO
Sydnor Scholer | St. Louis, MO
Nora Schomogy* | Maryland Heights, MO 
Steven Schroeder | Chicago, IL 
Missie Seeger* | Elsberry, MO 
Barbara Martin Smith* | Webster Groves, MO 
Dennis Smith* | Chesterfield, MO
Evan Smith | St. Louis, MO 
Stella Spalt* | Kirkwood, MO 
Betty Springfield* | St. Louis, MO
Jacob Stanley | St. Louis, MO 
Emily Stockwood* | St. Louis, MO
Joanne Stremsterfer* | St. Louis, MO
Kentrell Strong* | St. Peters, MO
Raymond Thomas Chicago, IL
Leslie Uljee* Hazelwood, MO
Gene Ursprung* | Alton, IL
Margaret Von Kaenel* St. Louis, MO 
Hannah Waddell* | Pacific, MO 
Joy Lalita Wade* | University City, MO
Dawn Wagner* | Florissant, MO 
Kim Ward | St. Louis, MO 
Doretha Washington | St. Louis, MO
Victoria Wattanaparuda | St. Louis, MO
Mary Wertsch* | St. Louis, MO
Maggie Wheelock St. Louis, MO 
Dahven White* | St. Louis, MO 
Eric Wieringa | St. Charles, MO 
Marjorie Williamson* University City, MO 
Sherry Yadon Orlando* | O’Fallon, MO
Ping Yan | St. Louis, MO 
David M. Yates* | Edwardsville, IL 
Layla Zubi | Pontoon Beach, IL 

Friday, June 13, 2014 - 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Exhibition Dates: 
Friday, June 13, 2014 - Sunday, August 10, 2014
Free and Open to the Public
Najjar Abdul-Musawwir