Community Outreach

Through outreach programs, the St. Louis Artists’ Guild promotes appreciation of the visual arts to all segments of the St. Louis community. These programs provide opportunities for children, youth, and adults to appreciate all aspects of art making and enrich their daily lives.

Workshops for Disadvantaged Students

Artists present free workshops to students to encourage them to explore techniques, learn creative problem-solving skills, and confront contemporary issues by using art as a form of expression and communication. Students participating in these workshops include Girls, Inc. and Guardian Angel Settlement.


Students from disadvantaged neighborhoods are awarded scholarships to Guild workshops and art classes. Guild artists encourage these students to experiment, improve analytical and problem-solving abilities, and explore new horizons.

Monsanto Children’s Gallery

This gallery displays the artwork of children from a variety of organizations and schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Children feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they see their art in a gallery setting. For many, it’s the first time they have been to a gallery. These exhibits reinforce the value of creativity and self-expression.

In addition, the Gallery promotes the artwork of children and youth (ages 6–18) with special needs, sponsored by ARTSY (Arts for Youth Network.) ARTSY is a consortium of local, certified art therapists who work with abused and neglected children who use art making to express their thoughts and emotions. Children are part of the St. Louis court system and from individual Group Homes throughout St. Louis and Illinois areas. These children plan the annual art exhibit with their counselors, assisting in installing their artwork; parents and friends are invited to the opening. ARTSY exhibitions encourage children’s self-esteem and self-expression through creativity and self-knowledge.