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The St. Louis Artists’ Guild has a newly designed website – one that will greatly benefit Guild members and the community as we move onto new and exciting events and exhibits.

As a non-profit organization, the new site was necessary as a means to help write and obtain grants and major gifts, thus insuring the future of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. The site will also become one of our most important “tools” in helping establish the Guild as a major arts and education organization locally, nationally, and internationally.

The process of creating, editing, and launching a complete website involves a great deal of time and money. Thanks to the discounts from our website creators, they reduced the costs by 65%.

We need to pay the remainder of the costs and are establishing a “Matching Gift” program on the website effective immediately. In addition, we are asking all members to help defray these necessary costs by making a contribution of $25 or more towards this goal.

It is important to inform you that with the updated “state-of-the-art” website, we will use it as the “tool” to help seek grants for maintenance of the website on a yearly basis.

It is exceptionally difficult during these turbulent economic times for a non-profit organization to operate and serve its community effectively. Please help the Guild as we look forward to, hopefully, many more years at Oak Knoll Park.


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