Barbara J. DiMartini, MFA


Teaching, if done well, requires time, effort and planning. Days, sometimes weeks, go into designing a course, the purpose of which is to communicate knowledge and techniques, but also to inspire and encourage. Good teachers elevate the mind and the spirit of their students. I find that teaching is a two way street. The joy of teaching comes from watching a student reach a personal goal, think creatively or push beyond their limitations. Teachers find the act of teaching reinforces their own expertise while being challenged and inspired by their students.

My education began in 1966 with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Biology and Chemistry at Mt. St. Agnes College, presently Loyola University of Baltimore. Subsequently, I obtained Board Certification with the American Society of Medical Technology. After graduation I spent 5 years in Italy where I was immersed in Italian art, history and culture. To support myself during this time, I taught English at the Berlitz School in Bologna, Italy. This immersion refined my sense of aesthetics and creative sensibilities. That is when I began my personal exploration into painting. Finally, in 1998, I entered a Master of Fine Arts course of study at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and graduated with a major in painting and a minor in printmaking in 2000. I wrote and presented my thesis in 2001 and was offered a teaching position at Roberts Wesleyan College in Chili, NY., where I taught painting and figure drawing until my retirement.

I have planned and organized painting workshops for Wendy Gwirtzman in Florence, Venice, Bologna and Mantova, Italy.

I have been an artist for Friends of Wings and Wings Raise the Roof, a charitable organization for Barnes Jewish Hospice.

I have paintings in Venezuela, Italy, New York, Florida, New Jersey and corporate buildings in St. Louis, Mo.