Sewing Basics + DIY Plush Toy

Sewing Basics + DIY Plush Toy

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This is an introductory class for young students. Students will learn the basics by making a stitch sampler as well as a plush toy of their own design using upcycled fabrics. Ages 10+

  • Fabric types (knit, cotton, blends, wool, etc.)
  • Supply basics - needles, pins, scissors, notions, and thread
  • Threading a needle and tying a knot
  • Stitch sampler (basting,straight/running stitch, whip stitch, overcast/blanket stitch, back stitch, hem stitch) and invisible closing
  • making a simple pattern with a seam allowance
  • cutting out the pattern/fabric
  • attaching buttons
  • appliqued patch


  • composition
  • mixing colors/color wheel
  • making marks and patterns
  • adhesives (how to make paste)
  • packing tape transfers
  • creating texture
  • mixing substrates (paper, cardboard, photos)
  • creating stamps/stamping
  • adding embellishments from nature
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