Eileen Cheong

eileen cheong.jpg

A North City St. Louis transplant originally from Brooklyn, New York- I discovered printmaking in high school and consequently my love for it's mechanical process with unpredictably exciting results. The intricacies between the freedom of creating multiples from a single plate, yet where no print is exactly the same as another is infinitely fascinating to me. Printmaking gave me a new found appreciation for all the steps in art making as an experiential work of art in and of itself, thus I believe planting the seed for my interest in the therapeutic journey of artistic expression before I would learn the concept of art therapy 10 years later. 

Sharing art with others has lead me to teach traditional photography at the Elm St. community darkroom, 'Occupational Arts' with high-schoolers at Harriet Tubman Free School, make Ants on Logs with children in the YMCA Virtual-Y program and to use digital arts with New York Asian Women Center's Drawing and Truth program. I became a graduate of the Masters in Art Therapy Counseling program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 2013 and continue to use art for healing, to encourage spiritual growth and vision for positive change in our communities.

 I have facilitated art therapy and community arts at a number of diverse settings including Our Lady of the Snows Assisted Living and Alton School District in Illinois, Barnes Jewish Hospital's Arts & Healthcare program, Parc Provence dementia residence, Hyde Park Art House and Macklind International Senior Center. Shortly after the New Year of 2016, I joined the Open Studio at Central Print to reawaken my practice in printmaking and to see what will emerge from the ink of my indentations with press onto paper. 

“Listening is an act of social justice.  It requires courage. We listen to those brutalized by atrocities.  When we listen to their stories, mirror neurons in our brain fire in the same area where suffering happens; cortisol floods our bodies.  In spite of the hardships, we choose this field. Our work corrects deep imbalance.”—Wayne Scott, MA, LCSW, Strong In The Broken Spaces