Elizabeth Wiley, Self-Portrait, Charcoal (Chiaroscuro)

Elizabeth Wiley, Self-Portrait, Charcoal (Chiaroscuro)

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Evening Portrait Drawing

with Elizabeth M. Willey

8 weeks

Thursdays 6:00pm - 8:30pm

February 8 - March 29

This class will build upon concepts of basic drawing and apply them to more challenging subject matter. The student will be learning how to assess proportions and planar structures of the human face, discerning value and assessing visual information relationally. We will focus on using tonal value as building blocks of composition to convey depth and volume, as well as more ephemeral concepts like emotion and atmosphere. We will begin by learning how to accurately analyze the contours, planes, and proportions of the face and head, moving into use of core shadow and simultaneous contrast to convey emotion and energy. Students will also learn how to tone paper, including brown craft paper, with charcoal and create a composition using subtractive erasing as well as additive marks to create a unified image with flow and balance. We will discuss the concept of ‘chiaroscuro’ and how it can successfully be employed to create drama in a charcoal composition. And finally, we will learn about how to create portraits using high key, middle key, and low key composition. The class would use a variety of types of charcoal. (Students from prior classes may already have a majority of the supplies). We will be working from a model. Prior drawing experience is not required. Ages 18+

Members: $155
Non Members: $185

Price includes model fee

If you must cancel, please email or call STLAG. A refund will be given only if cancellation occurs seven days prior to the first day of class. No exceptions.