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Beginning Painting

with Bryan Robertson

8 weeks

Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:30pm

March 14 - May 2

In this class, we will use the formal elements of visual arts such as picture plane organization, proximity, repetition, continuity, figure/ground, texture, and rhythm. We will also begin an exploration into the versatility of water mixable oil paints as both a method of staining the paint surface and building thicker, juicier marks. This will be accomplished through both observational and abstract methods. Still-life will be used as a starting point for the beginning painter to learn about form and vision through observation. Students may either complete this painting in a realist manner or push it towards abstraction. 

Still-life has been an integral tool of the artists used to convey metaphor since at least the early Renaissance when Northern European Painters like Jan Van Eyck included fruits, mirrors, textiles, and animals to symbolize social status. Students will study still-life to learn the proper and practical use of artists' materials and techniques and to develop a basic set of painting skills that will help to understand and analyze visual problems. Students will be encouraged to bring materials to set up a personal still-life, and we will discuss proper compositional arrangements. This course is for beginners and advanced students who would like to learn a new techniques. Additionally, this class serves as an introduction to water mixable oil paints and will use them throughout the course. Sign Up Here