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Monday Night Print

Repurposed Paper and Board Handmade Book with Luke Firle

For this print night we are leaving the press and moving into a part of printmaking that is not so much printing. Have you ever wondered what to do with extra paper, prints that didn’t make the cut for an edition or even as an artist proof? Have you every wanted to make a small book of prints or poems, what about a mixed bag of paper for a sketchbook or journal? If you have ever wanted to do any of these, join us in learning how to make a small one that uses Japanese bookbinding techniques, and a DIY/repurpose attitude.

Materials you will need: various papers, old prints that you would like to rework, maps, lined paper, graph paper, really anything you would like to put into one of these.  This is a great time to possibly do some paper sharing and trading.

For the covers we will be using various 12-pack containers, and a few other paperboard product packaging that we will repurpose into our exteriors. The instructor for the class has been collecting these for a while but if you have one that you would love to use, please bring it!