Introduction to Oil Painting

Ann Gale,  Robert , oil on canvas

instructor: Dan Wine

8 weeks | Monday 6:00-8:30pm | October 7 - November 25

Woodwork on Middle Lake.JPG

This class will educate the beginning level student in the fundamentals of oil painting.  I will introduce methodology, techniques, and materials that serve to make the process of oil painting accessible and encouraging, such that the student can carry on into personal study of the subject with confidence.  This intent will be carried out with the production of two paintings over the course of the 8 weeks.  The first will be a still-life with the objective being to hone the ability to handle the brushes and paints in a way that convincingly reproduces the objects assembled as well as renders the values and colors observed.  Further, we will discuss the importance of under-painting in establishing composition and structure for the addition of color.  The second painting will be of a subject yet to be determined, as I would like to observe the progress of the class in regarding this decision.  Possible subjects are a further sophisticated still-life, a landscape, or a simply composed animal.  The second painting will employ the techniques espoused in the first, while allowing for some 'latitude' of direct painting. Age 16+

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Intro to Oil Painting
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