Introduction to Pen and Ink Drawing

instructor: Ken Clay

6 weeks | Thursdays 1:00pm - 3:30pm | April 4 to May 9

In this class, students will learn about drawing with ink through traditional dip pens and ink washes. While learning the basics of the materials students will be introduced to a variety of techniques that will equip them with a range of ways to express themselves using the simple, yet powerful, medium of ink. While primarily focusing on black and white the class will begin to explore color and, by the end, students may realize that by working with ink they have been simultaneously becoming watercolorists.

Members: $100  | Non Members: $120 

If you must cancel, please email or call STLAG. A refund will be given only if cancellation occurs seven days prior to the first day of class. No exceptions.

Introduction to Pen and Ink Drawing
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