Build Your Own Wordpress Website

Build Your Own Wordpress Website

from 70.00

Build Your Own Wordpress Website

with Carle Valle


Thursday 6-8:30pm

July 11, 18 and 25

Member: $70

Non-Member: $90

Every artist today needs a website. It is an important tool for expressing your art and vision. There are several ways to build a website. The best way is to build a site where you have control and is easy to keep up to date. In this series of three classes, we will build a Wordpress website. We will explore the options for building a ‘Blog’, and use images and content to communicate on the Internet.

*Students in this class will need to bring a laptop computer in order to connect to the Guild’s wifi network. Also bring a pad of paper and some patience. That is all you will need!

·         Class one will demonstrate how to build a Wordpress website and create your first ‘blog’ post. [And will include an explanation of why Johannes Gutenberg is on the top of this page]


·         Class two will concentrate on building a ‘Page’ using pictures, galleries, text and links to make a site that looks really professional.


·         Class Three concentrates on taking the website farther. Learn about domain name, and hosting options, and the possible use of e-commerce plus other advanced features. We will also look at the marketing and search engine tools available.

This class will be easy to complete, and all of the goals can be accomplished for free!

That’s right. You will end this class with an operational and expandable website, built with the latest easy to use Wordpress CMS [content management system] without having to buy anything.

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