about the exhibition

For this exhibition the St. Louis Artists’ Guild presents artwork that detects the structure of the physical world both seen and unseen, imagined and observed. We are fascinated in how nature repeats itself with a diversity of forms from the micro to the macro. Juror Fran Skiles has selected an all-media exhibition containing works of both abstraction and realism.  In particular this exhibition highlights artists’ who capture form from a well-timed photograph, to the manipulation of paint, drawing media, fabric, and clay, and a mixture of all of them.

As part of this exhibition the St. Louis Artists’ Guild presents a small group exhibition titled “Influential Mark” with works from Fran Skiles, Ann Brown, Suzy Farren, Dail Fried, Jane Herrick, and Jean Lopez.


Award Winners:

1st Place: Jerry Walters, "pickle Springs"

2nd Place: Alex Paradowski, "Woman in the Window"

3rd Place: Ken Church, "stop making sense 38"

Honorable Mention: Carey Netherton, "Martha's Laugh"

Honorable Mention: Debra Smith, "Ocean Portal"

List of Juried Artists:

Laura Ahola-Young, Maddie Aunger, Mark Bavoso, Eldon Benz, Robert Bolla, E J Brown, Ken Church, Peggy Cole, Erin Conoboy, Jody Cukier, Flavia D’Urso, Audrea DeLong, Kevin Desrosiers, Elizabeth Desrosiers, Laura Dobrota, J. Casey Doyle, Hannah Ehret, Vincent Fazio, Mark Fetty, Amy Firestone Rosen, Susan Garrett, Amelia Gersten, Christine Giancola, John Hardecke, Stephen Harmon, David Harmon, Jill Inbar, Terry Kelly, Robert Kokenyesi, Janet Kourik, Ron McIlvain, Sheri Mertzlufft, Larry Miller, Carey Netherton, Alex Paradowski, Jody Paulson, O. Gustavo Plascencia, Judith Repke, Bob Rickert, Debra Smith, Michelle Streiff, Ashley Trabue, Jim Trotter, Jerry Walters, Susan Wehrman, Lauren Wilder, Chelsie Wilson, Rebecka Wyrde

About the Juror: Fran Skiles


Fran Skiles was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She graduated from West Virginia University with a BA degree in textile design.

She is a full time studio artist, working in Florida and West Virginia. In addition to her art practice she teaches and lectures throughout the United States giving workshops in paper and fabric collage.

In the 1990’s, before making collage paintings, Fran made art quilts and exhibited them Nationally and Internationally at venues that include the Quilt National, best of show 97’, Visions, Quilt San Diego, British Craft Council’s “American Art Quilt Exhibition,” Fiber Arts International and “Art Quilts; America of the Millennium” in Strasburg, France. Fran is a naturalist by temperament. Working in collage has been a constant throughout her life. Layering photography, paint, ink, paper and fabric onto watercolor paper, fabric and wood is an intuitive process. Fran hopes to create an abstract landscape that captures nature’s essence. 

Opening Reception