At the St. Louis Artists’ Guild (STLAG) we believe that immersion in the arts and creativity improve the quality of life and build community inside and outside of our classrooms. The STLAG is an inclusive and inviting home that welcomes students at all stages of their artistic pursuits. Our educational offerings focus on 2-D media, painting, drawing, and printmaking taught by experienced instructors who enjoy working with all types of students, from those learning a new medium to established artists who want to hone their skills.

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Intro to Charcoal Drawing: June 11 to July 30

Afternoon Intro to Drawing: June 13 to July 25

Evening Intro to Drawing: June 13 to August 8

Morning Intro to Drawing: June 15 to August 10

Figure Drawing: June 18 to August 6

Chalk Pastel Drawing: June 19 to August 7


Oil Painting on Panel: June 12 to July 17

Water-Mixable Oil Painting: June 20 to August 8


The Altered Print: June 11 to July 30

Drypoint and Etching: June 12 to July 31