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Alla Prima Portrait Painting with Anne Molasky

Date: Saturday, June 8

Time: 9am-4pm (short lunch break at 12)

This one-day workshop is an introduction to the Alla Prima method, which means “all at once.” This is an oil painting method that has to be done in one session, wet-into-wet, where each brushstroke counts. Using this approach, artists can develop a better vocabulary of paint and brush handling toward achieving expressive, yet realistic portraits in a more immediate way. Working directly from a model, artist Anne Molasky will demonstrate in the morning and work individually with students in the afternoon.

Members: $120 | Non-Members: $140

price includes model fee | Limited to 10 students

Please bring a packed lunch for a short lunch break between 12-12:30. Refrigeration is available.

Alla Prima Portrait Painting
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Plein-Air Workshop with Anne Molasky

Date: Saturday, June 29

Time: 9am-4pm

The class will meet in the Muny Opera parking lot in Forest Park. More details will be provided to enrolled students.

To paint "en plein-air" is to paint "out in the open." Painting outside, directly from the landscape, provides challenges of artistic decision-making that is lost when working from a photographic reference in the studio. The experience of working outside with the sun warming your skin, the breeze cooling it, the music of the birds and the crickets singing—all of these things help relax the creative spirit within. There is no right or wrong in nature, and there is no right or wrong in art. Painting is about making decisions—deciding what to include, what to exclude, what to enhance, what to subordinate. Learning how to translate what is in front of you, no matter what the subject, or the resource, is a language that can be learned. You can expect a painting demonstration followed by individual attention while painting during this workshop. 

Members: $100 | Non-Members: $120.00 Limited to 12 students

Plein-Air Workshop
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The Art of E-Commerce with Joseph Coppola

Date: Saturday, June 29

Time: 1-4pm 

Learn how to better promote yourself as an artist/designer and the secrets to successfully building your e-commerce platform. This course will walk the students from start to finish on how to develop and launch a website or e-commerce platform, including the areas of Branding, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Shipping/Distribution, and Inventory Management.

This course is perfect for any creative individual that wants to learn how to better market and sell their art or services online. Painters, Jewelry Designers, Graphic Artists, Photographers, Sculptors, Illustrators, anyone that has a product/service to sell online.

The Art of E-Commerce
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Instructor Bio: Joseph Coppola is an artist & serial entrepreneur who created his very first business in his youth. Today, Joseph is a full-time business professor who helps inspire entrepreneurial ambitions in the hearts of his students. In addition, he offers

in depth workshops that help spark growth for companies with immersive and dynamic learning opportunities for the business owners.

Members: $45 | Non-Members: $55



Build Your Own Wordpress Website with Carl Valle

Dates: July 11, 18 and 25 (three Thursdays in a row!)

Time: 6-8:30pm

Every artist today needs a website. It is an important tool for expressing your art and vision. There are several ways to build a website. The best way is to build a site where you have control and is easy to keep up to date. In this series of three classes, we will build a Wordpress website. We will explore the options for building a ‘Blog’, and use images and content to communicate on the Internet.

*Students in this class will need to bring a laptop computer in order to connect to the Guild’s wifi network. Also bring a pad of paper and some patience. That is all you will need!

Build Your Own Wordpress Website
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·         Class one will demonstrate how to build a Wordpress website and create your first ‘blog’. And will include a discussion on Johannes Gutenberg.

·         Class two will concentrate on building a ‘Page’ using pictures, galleries, text and links to make a site that looks really professional.

·         Class three concentrates on taking the website farther. Learn about domain name, and hosting options, and the possible use of e-commerce plus other advanced features. We will also look at the marketing and search engine tools available.

This class will be easy to complete, and all of the goals can be accomplished for free!

That’s right. You will end this class with an operational and expandable website, built with the latest easy to use Wordpress CMS [content management system] without having to buy anything.

Member: $70 | Non-Member: $90


Chinese Brush Painting Workshop with Ping Yan

Date: Saturday, July 20

Time: 1-4pm

Workshop Description: In this workshop, students will learn to use brush, ink and watercolor and the authentic Chinese style to paint traditional Chinese Painting subjects, such as bamboo, birds & flowers. In particular, this workshop will focus on bird painting. You will experience how the different shades of black ink mixed with colors can create the magic harmony of yin and yang, tranquility and wonder. Participants will enjoy the spontaneity, simplicity and creativity of the medium and its deep philosophical meaning.

Painting materials: all painting materials (brushes, ink, rice papers, paints, and felt) will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own above materials. In addition, please bring some newsprint or drawing papers for doing practice.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop with Ping Yan: Bamboo, Birds and Flowers
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Instructor's Biography: Ping Yan started to learn drawing and painting at a very early age and worked in a wide variety of mediums including Chinese brush painting, watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, and pen sketch. Ping enjoys creating portraits, cartoon, flowers and landscapes. Ping's artworks include an extensive area of subject matters and styles from oriental to impressionism, light to dark values. She has been invited to demo her Chinese brush painting in many art fairs and events. Her brush painting work shows that the painter must work with speed, liveliness, confidence, and technical mastery, infusing spiritual energy into the brushstrokes. The action of creating artworks enriches her life and provides her with both physical and mental relaxation. She believes that Qigong and the way of Chinese brush painting has something in common: breathe management, physical exercise and mental focus.

Members $70.00 | Non-Members $90.00

Polyester Plate Lithography with Brianna Kagy

Dates: July 22, July 29, and August 5 (three Monday’s in a row!)

Time: 6-8:30 pm

Learn the principles of classic lithography without the time, cost, and difficulty of working on a stone! In this class, we substitute the lithography stone with Pronto-Plate 5000 material. The process centers on the natural opposition between oil and water. We will work with various “greasy” drawing tools to create plates we can print again and again. Students will design their own images and may create as many prints as time allows.

Member: $90 | Non- Member: $120 all supplies included

Polyester Plate Lithography
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PURE.PLAY- A Day Long Painting Immersion with Dionna Raedeke

Date: Saturday, September 7

Time: 9am-5pm (one hour lunch break)

Workshop Description: No experience required! This day-long workshop is for anyone, regardless of skill level. We are here to have fun, get messy, explore new art methods and materials, and gather as creative beings in a supportive environment. We will explore color mixing, blending and open drawing styles, blind contour fun, collaboration and more! All Art Materials will be provided- just bring your open heart. This is a judgment-free zone that allows you to experiment and play while being loosely guided to get fun results! Come let your creativity shine!

Instructor’s Biography: A seasoned visual and musical curator, Dionna has a deep understanding of art mediums, color, composition, materials, scale and loves combining art, music and healing in any capacity possible. Dionna has a BFA in ceramics and printmaking- and currently works as a studio artist and creative guide in St. Louis, MO.

Members: 140.00 | Non-Members: 175.00 all supplies included

"PURE.PLAY- A Day Long Painting Immersion with Dionna Raedeke"
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