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Chinese Brush Painting Workshop with Ping Yan (Bamboo, Birds and Flowers)

March 2 from 1p to 4p

In this workshop, students will learn to use brush, ink and watercolors, and the authentic Chinese style to paint traditional Chinese painting subjects, such as bamboo, birds & flowers. You will experience how the different shades of black ink mixed with colors can create the magic harmony of yin and yang, tranquility and wonder. Participants will enjoy the spontaneity, simplicity and creativity of the medium and its deep philosophical meaning.

Painting materials: all painting materials (brushes, ink, rice papers, paints, and felt) will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own above materials. In addition, please bring some newsprint or drawing papers for doing practice.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop with Ping Yan: Bamboo, Birds and Flowers
from 65.00
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If you must cancel, please email or call STLAG. A refund will be given only if cancellation occurs seven days prior to the first day of class. No exceptions.


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